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Terms and conditions of EPICENTER LAN 11 event attendance

The organizer does not take any responsibility for any gear or other property that could break/get stolen or otherwise change their value during the course of the event.

All attendees take responsibility for their own actions at the event. The organizer can remove an invidivudal or a team from the venue at any time if that is deemed necessary from security reasons, explicit breaking of rules and general terms and conditions of attendance.

The organizer can send emails to all players signed up to the event with news and notifications. The organizer can change the informaton, timeline, rules and other elements of the tournament following advance notification.

All changes will be published on the event website (https://gaming.si/ec10).

The organizer and all media partners can publish photos and other media content from the event on their websites and other media.

After the signup fee is paid it can not be reimbursed except in the event of the cancellation of event.

The payment is connected to one team or individual. If a team does not show up at the event, another may not take its place except in the event of previous approval of the organizers.

In the event of a specific tournament having less than 4 teams/players present at the event, the organizer will not host the tournament.

All cash prizes listed under the tournament prizing are gross numbers, without any duties and taxes applied and will be deducted when transferring the funds to the winners. The cash prize will be transferred to only one individual or legal entity, as per default that person will be the leader of the team in team games.

Consumption of alcohol is forbidden to all attendees 18 years old or younger. Consumption of alcohol at your own risk.