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Telemach EPICENTER FERI LAN 18, the largest gaming event to-date in Slovenia, that took place on the 2nd and 3rd of March 2019 in Maribor.

441 competitors attended eight tournaments that were joined by many more casual players and visitors, that could try out brand new tech, play AAA titles on free to play computers/consoles, try out the Slovenia’s Army laser shooting simulator, sit in their Patria and Humvee vehicles, chill out in the Red Bull lounge, take part in Lenovo’s CS:GO 1v1 tournament and more. For the first time, all tournaments had cash prizes paid out to the winners, all-together in excess of 7.500 €.

There were a few technical difficulties at the beginning with unstable power due to an incorrectly labeled circuit, as well as some network issues due to a user plugging both sides of an ethernet cable in one switch – both of which were solved and the experience to attendees was uninterrupted henceforth. 

This is evident from the anonymous satisfaction survey (which was sent out to all players, and had 169 respondents), that states that 97% would consider returning, while on average rating the event 3.9 of 5, quite a feat given the target audience. Most notably the attendees were satisfied with cash prizes, upbeat and helpful staff, as well as expedient customer support pre- event.

Media coverage of Telemach EPICENTER FERI LAN 18 by press outlets has been overwhelmingly positive, with stories published on the national RTV 1, regional newspapers and online news portals, a call-in to Radio Prvi (RTV Slovenija) on the day of the event. 

For the first time, we utilized radio advertising at Hitradio Center and Rock Radio (the first due to its wide reach all across Slovenia as one of the most popular stations in the country, the second due to its target demographic of young people), coming to 72 plays of our advertisement, totaling 36m5s at Hitradio Center and 60 plays, totaling 30m10s at Rock Radio. The feedback from all stakeholders was positive and we believe it will become a valuable communication tool also in the future – specifically to attract more visitors.