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EC22 – Boost Ticket

EC22 – Boost Ticket


Availability: 47 na zalogi


Boost your gaming project at EPICENTER 22 with presence at the largest gaming event in Slovenia for applicable non-profits, startups and small businesses (<50K/yr)! Submit the data below and we will process your submission as soon as possible and make sure you’ll be ready to shine when August 26th and 27th come!

The offer is valid and confirmed upon pre-payment of the sign-up fee in full via our eCommerce store of the Boost ticket.
You are also required to fill out the form with additional information on your project here.
The organizer of the event, Društvo za elektronske športe – spid.si, Vaneča 69a, 9201 Puconci, DŠ SI61135941 does not assume any costs associated with presence at event from any party.The organizer does not take any responsibility for any items, gear, property, inventory or other items that could break/get stolen or otherwise change their value during the course of the event.

All attendees take responsibility for their own actions at the event and agree to bear full responsibility to adhere to regulations and laws in regards to selling items, invoicing, licensing and all other activities they might execute on their exhibition space. The organizer can without any notice remove an individual/exhibitor from the venue at any time if it is deemed necessary by the organizer.

The organizer (and select partners) can send emails and text messages to all attendees with additional information, news and notifications.

The organizer and all media partners can publish photos and other media content from the event on their websites and other media and with attendance at event you agree to be photographed/recorded and consent to the media to be published publicly.

This programme will stop accepting new submissions on August 10th 2023. Number of slots limited, filled on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Zaradi sprememb zakonodaje na področju varstva osebnih podatkov, se mora vsak udeleženec prijaviti in strinjati s pogoji udeležbe posamično. Tako več ni mogoče naročanje kart za več obiskovalcev, soigralcev v ekipi ali več kart naenkrat – opravite lahko le nakup ene karte naenkrat. Za nevšečnost se opravičujemo.